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warning. veronica johnson with me in just a second. we'll zoom in there. notice the net rho area, this is good news for the rush hour. we're not seeing rain into portions of 95, down through 66, until you get through northwestern portions of fauquier county. very heavy rain right now. in effect around charlottesville, this until 6:45, this is the entire line that's making its way our way. we will see not only the potential for warnings. but a watch posted very, very soon. not only winds, but the potential for flooding. i think this will be a very long night, and long day tomorrow, too. >> high winds for everyone, some
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isolated flooding for some. gusts are already being felt. the weather system hasn't gotten that close to us as of yet. what we are seeing is a wind advisory that goes until 6:00 a.m. as you said, doug, we'll be dealing with this as we go into the day tomorrow. we could see gusts to 50 and 60, especially as it makes its way through. these are the areas around here that have already gotten over an inch of rain. so flash need watch for all the areas in light green action and
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flash flood warning. the other big thing, of course, the falling temperatures. the americaly will continue to drop. you could see the winds blowing. we're going to keep you ahead of this storm. storm team 4 all over this storm. we're going to be live with any breaking weather events. i'll be back in a while to talk much more. and you can always get the latest on our weather app.s. reuters reporter steve howland tweeted this photo of sandbags outside the entrance tots press briefing room just in case. volunteer firefighter is in
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serious condition after an accident on the beltway that snarled traffic for about 12 hours. >> jackie bensen is at the scene now at the firehouse in prince george's county with more. jackie? >> that's right. is was an unsettling event. then men and wimmer volunteers. all day long firefighters have been coming by to help. a fire engine from the west lanam fire company had responded to a minor accident. as the fire engine was making a u-turn in the cut-through labeled emergency vehicles only, which was thor iced to use, it
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was struck from behind. a jeep was also involved in the resulting collision. >> reporter: all occupants of all three vehicles were injured, include four firefighters. three were treated and released. one had extremely serious injuries, and was flown to a hospital in ballot. >> we are not confirming he's lost his arm. we understand his condition is critical. >> the chief spent the morning in baltimore with the most seriousry injured firefighters. >> mostly folks from the community here, the gentlemen that were on the fire truck today, all four are from the community. they were sleeping here at night, ready to go to their jobs in the morning. >> reporter: police were very careful in how they phrase the the preliminary results, using the termed favored to describe the driver whose actions are not
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believed to have contributed to the accident. >> preliminarily, we believe that the tractor-trailer involved in this accident was the favored driver. >> reporter: police tell us the investigation continues, so far no citation. no violations have been issued. jackie bensen, news4. a chuter is on the run in phoenix. three people were gunned down this morning. one person remains in critical kins. a few hours ago, a s.w.a.t. team surrounded a home. police say this was not a random shooting. today former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband appealed to the committee. why passing any new legislation will be an uphill battle. danielle? >> good evening. opponents seemed unswayed by the emotional and dramatic words from the congresswoman today. republicans, even some democrats
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are hesitant on this issue. 6 senators had a fresh reminder about the consequences. a chaul honors student and performer was killed yesterday a the a park. >> a gunman came in and shot her dead, just a matter of days after her happiest day in her life. >> reporter: another soting at an office in phoenix left several wounded. gabby giffords, the former arizona congresswoman critically wounded by a gunman pleaded for action. >> be bold, be courageous, americans are counting on you. >> giffords' husband, mark kelly, argued for universal background checks to keep criminals from getting guns. >> she would not have been sitting here today if we had stronger back ground checks. >> reporter: today's hearing on how to prevent gun vileants is
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in response to the shooting massacre in newtown, connecticut last month. president obama has called for tougher laws, including an assault weapons ban. >> law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deraced criminals, nor do we believe that government should dictate what we can lawfully own and use to protect our families. >> reporter: the national rifle association intensely opposes any -- >> -- >> i fail to see how passing additional laws is going to make american any safer. >> it's clear common ground may be hard to find. since the newtown shooting, lawmakers have introduced no less than eight gun control bills. right now the best chance for new legislation appears to be in the area the background checks and mental health care. >> thanks, danielle. a rather unusual
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circumstance in a courtroom in culpepper, virginia. jurors in a recent case were called in to testify under owes. at least one of them is said to have brought in a dictionary during deliberations. they're not supposed to do that. the defense is asking the judge to declare a mistrial in the case against former police officer daniel harmon wright. 4th was convicted yesterday. david culver has our report. >> reporter: they were found inside that jury room yesterday after they reached a guilty vertebra. now today judge seussen whitlock wanted answers from that jury. an emergency meeting called on what was supposed to be sentencing day. the judge wanting to hear from each juror individually. she wanted to know what they read during deliberations and
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how it may have influenced their verdict. they usually walk in together. is today the judge his specific orders, they had to call 15 more deputies in to help out. inside the courtroom, they were questioned one by one by both attorneys and the judge. he wants a new trial. special prosecutor says that if anything, harmon-wright benefited from the circumstance. he's back in jail tonight respect his sentencing for the death of patricia cook is now on hold. one of the jurors admitted she asked the bailiff if it was okay if she brought in the book. the judge told her her jury instructions should have been enough to deliberate. the judge is going to decide on friday morning how she's going to provide.
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i'm david culver, noifr noifr. >> there was an emergency session late this afternoon. it's the start 6 an effort to remove john leopold from his job. e was convicted yesterday. he's suspended immediately, and an active executive named. they're expected to vote monday after a public hearing. >> the state of maryland is strong and getting stronger, that in his state of the state address. chris gordon now with a report on what es is on the governor's agenda. >> mayor vincent gray from our neighbors in new columbia.
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>> job creation must be or top priority always. while we're recovering jobs faster than any other state in our region, there's still too many who are out of work. >> he's pushing for wind power. >> this year he's coming for the guns. he ace come for the cash, for our problem, and now for the guns. >> death penalty is expensive, it does not work and we should stop done it. >> reporter: curt was 22 when he went to prison. >> well, discharged marine with
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no criminal record. i wound up spenting almost nine years in prison and two years on death row and almost executed for a crime i didn't commit. >> reporter: but those who want to repeal the death penalty here they will need some republican support. it appears the state north from howard county may be the republican they need. >> i do agree that the chief function is public safety. i want to make sure that we have individuals who commit these terrible crimes kept in jail forever. >> even if it votes to repeat the death penalty, opponents say they will bring it on a referendum, asking the voters to decide. at the statehouse, cried goranen, news4. a twister touching down in georgia, and it's caught on video. doug and veronica are tracking the severe weather. plus a child is still held hostage more than 24 hours after
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taken off the school bus. we'll get the late latest from alabama. a man breaks into a house. he goes room to room stealing stuff. a woman sleeps through the whole thing. i'm pat at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda.
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at this hour a 6-year-old boy is still a host an in southeast bp bum. police say a man stopped the school bus yesterday and shod and killed the driver, kidnapped the boy and took him to an underground bunker. authorities have been communicated through a pvk pipe and able to get medicine to the little boy. neighborhoods called the suspected gunman paranow and a ticking timebomb. gerry sandusky will not get a new trial. a judge today ruled that his lawyers had enough time to prepare the case, and another trial is not warranted. sandusky was once an assistant football coach at penn state, now serving 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing ten boyce. a developing story out of syria. war planes have attacked a syrian military convoy. it happened early in the morning
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near the lebanon botherer. the those mitch of not believed to be carry. the calls to talks in egyp are getting louder. two protesters were killed today in tahrir square. more that 60 people have been killed. an opposition leader is pushing for a meeting with morsi, but he wands morsi to promise to form a unity government. today he cut short a trip to europe to deal with the crisis at home. an owner of the nightclub that caught fire in southern brazil is now blaming building inspectors. the owner's attorney said he client trusted the people who said his billing is up to code, but admits he's partly to blame. more than 230 people died. investigators believe the fire started from flares used by a
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rock bam performing that yigt. the club only had one wore are exit and no sprinklers. 75 people are still in critical condition. a tornado killed someone in the northwestern part of georgia today. this is video from a grocery store in adairsville. that storm destroyed homes, cars, businesses and a manufacturing planned. aim people are in a hospital from falling debris. at one point today more than 8500 people were without power. that tornado was one of the sever throughout the south and midwest today. >> which raises the question whether we could see anything like that. >> that's the big concern. a lot of people mentioning derecho. you see a line of thunderstorms, talk about the derecho. we're not going to see anything like that here. we do have a slight chance of an isolated tornado, but not
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talking about what they saw toward the south. once again, no chance of derecho type winds. take a look at the radar right now. we'll show you what's happening across the region. a severe thunderstorm warn. league burg is under the gun at this moment. we've gotten reports of flash flooding, also into pords of -- clark burg, just to the west, so you're going to continue to see very heavy rain here. watch out for the heavy downpours, watch out for that area of standing water. turn around, don't drown. give yourself a lot of extra
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time. now, down to the south. i mentioned the severe storms. look at this line of thunderstorms. this severe thunderstorm warning in effect under 6:45 tonight. i would not be surprised to see it moved toward culpepper. look at the timing here. lock locust dale. and you want to make sure you're inside if you live in culpepper county, you will most likely see these winds gusting up to potential 60 miles an hour. the wider view, this is the area we're really watching. this storm system will continue to traverse. that's why i fully expect it to issue a thunderstorm watch. they did say there was an 80% chance he would issue that watch. how about the wider picture
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here? you have the spring-like weather, dulles today broke a record. 72 degrees. tomorrow we'll be about 40 degrees colder as the cold air from this system, as that cold air moves on in. so we have one heck of a roller coaster right. storm in tonight. 58 and thunderstorms around 11:00. the storms die down, but the rain stays until about 4:00, 5:00 in the morning, but then it's just windy. tomorrow's high, maybe right around 52 degrees, around aca.m. tomorrow all day, we'll see those temperatures falling. the rest of the tonight tonight, these are not thunderstorm wind gusts, so we have a wind advisory in effect through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, also the flood watch in effect, that flood warn towards northern fauquier, now under a flood warning through the 9:00,
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10:00 area. they have already picked up 1 to 2 inches of rain. here is the storm system here, thunder, wind ahead of this. here comes the rain overnight, and then the cold and very windy conditions, as where he move on through the day tomorrow. don't leave tomorrow mornout your coat. by the time you come home torn, you'll need it, a high of only 37 on friday. 38 on saturday, a slight chance of a snow shower thursday night into friday morning. another chance on sunday, with a high of 43. i think the best chance of light snow could be monday into tuesday. once again, not a big system. not only will we get on the colder side, but we start to see things more stirred up as far as the snow is concerned again, so we've got the severe storms today. we'll be live anytime we need it. >> remember when you were
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feeling kind of bored? >> a couple weeks ago. >> that seems like a long time ago. >> got to be careful what you wish for. a woman in northwest d.c. slept through a burglary. the burglary was at her house. he doesn't know anything about it until cops knocked on her door after they caught the guy. >> jim, this is a story about city life, daylight burglaries and sleep. >> are you a sound sleeper? >> yeah, you can ask fin who's lived with me, that i sleep very soundly, and it takes a lot to wake me up. >> this is mika rothman. she's 24 years old. yesterday afternoon she was asleep in her bedroom when a burglar kicked in the back doone. >> she didn't hear a thing. he had broken through our back
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door. came upstairs, and went through all their stuff. my stuff, cracked the door open and saw that i was asleep, and luckily for me decided to sort of bypass and move on. >> we're going to begin the story at the ending in an alley, where yesterday afternoon a cop spots a man. he has a backpack and musical instrument case. something doesn't seem right. so the cop decides to give it a second look. the cop discovers two laptons, an iphone, a wallet, some credit cards, and a saxophone. where did all this stuff come from? so the cop goes through the pictures on the iphone and sees a picture of this house about a block away. crime scene. when police got to the house, they found the back door kicked in and mika asleep upstairs.
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she was home recovering from the flu. >> when the police told you what had happened while you were asleep, what went through your mind? >> at first, shock and sort of fright, but, you know -- but then i realized how lucky i was. >> reporter: why this house? nobody knows for sure, but it appears the metal bars across the back door weren't closed too tight. >> i would send a word to the wise, lock all your doors, all your gates. better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: arrested in this case, 22-year-old charlotte proctor. he was officially charged in court today. live in northwest, pat collins, notify. thank you, pat. back over to doug with a new weather warrant. >> a severe thunderstorm warning just issued. you can see the line of storms making its was through the region.
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this includes -- i'm just going to read this from the weather app. orange county, southern rap han knock county, spotsylvania just to the south and west of fredericksburg, also madison county and southern fauquier county until 7:00 tonight, winds gusting over to 50 to 60 miles an hour. they will continue to move through the region. locu locustdale about the next 15 to 20 minutes, in you're in culpepper county, i think you'll be in the area under the gun here. we'll continue to watch this whole system as it continues to progress, including the i-95 cordon. we'll keep you updated right here. >> thanks, doug. the transportation plan by the governor of virginia has passed its first test. also ahead, how potential job cuts have people in northern virginia on edge. a woman walshing a trail
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dragged into the woods, but she managed to get away. coming up in sports, just four days ago away from super bowl xlvii, how a 49ers linebacker is honoring his father, who just happened to be a former redskin. and on the ravens side, ray lewis on the offensive once again. what he has to say about his
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hello, everybody. we have a brand-new watch. it is a tornado watch, not a tornado warning, but a tornado watch encompassing most of our areaest of i-81. you are now under a tornado watch. this going until -- let me make -- most likely until about midnight. so once again we are under a tornado watch until midnight tonight, i believe. we'll continue to watch this scenario. we talked about the warnings in effect down to the south. this area of tomorrowyness making its way in. you'll most likely to see that watch pop up, it will be in the yellow, but let's show you our graphics 29, if i can, guys.
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you can see once again anywhere here in the yellow, that's a tornado watch. it does encompass about the entire viewing area. so we'll be watching this very, very closely. let's go back to 22 and show you where the other warnings are. we notice culpepper and fauquier county, but also a brand-new flash flood warning that's in effect. we mentioned the ones in louding county, now frederick county until 12:30 tonight. we have seen flooding in this area, 1 to 2, even 3 inches of rain. this will be a very bumpy road all night long tonight. we'll keep you updated right here. the trial in the the defense has requested a mistrial after reports of juror misconduct. jurors testified today they had
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access to two dictionaries and one thesaurus and used them during deliberations. that's not allowed. he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. a judge will decide whether to grant a mistrial. all the lanes in prince george's county are reopened now after an early morning accident at route 50 in lanam maryland. late this asp, investigators say a fire truck making a legal u-turn was hit from behind by a tracker-trailer. an suv was also involved in the collision. seven people were taken to hospitals. one firefighter is said to have suffered serious injuries. virginia governor bob mcdonald's transportation bill cleared its first big hurdle tonight. the proposal includes getting rid of the state's gas tax. julie carey traveled to richmond and found the vote wasn't an exactly overwhelming endorsement. >> reporter: even with the small
6:33 pm
victory today, the governor's plans don't have a long way to go, for republicans who see it as a tax hike to northern virginia lawmakers who say it doesn't go nearly far enough. the transportation second tear himself presented the bill, it is cornerstone for funding -- scrapping the gas tax and hiking the sales tax from 5% to 5.8%. there were two competing plans. >> they're always a cash cow. we get 40%. so we want some assurance that the money we're sending down comes back. that's really what the controversy is all about. >> former virginia transportation secretary vivian watts says a billion is needed each year for construction alone
6:34 pm
in urban areas of the commonwealth. >> our deep concern is it only addresses maintenance, it does not address the urban need. >> reporter: delegate tim hugo, a co-sponsor urged a vote on the governor's bill only. >> i tell you, i am very concerned. if we don't pass this today, if we don't pass a have i out of the session, it may be many years before we do so. it left something grumblings about the provision and the process of pushing it through. >> one complaint here about the plan, is the 100 a year fee on hybrid and alternative fuels vehicle. that's being called a hybrid tax. tomorrow hybrid drivers are going to protest, circling air cars around the capitol square here. >> that's, julie.
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today the house education committee voted to develop a system that grades public schools on an a to f scale. that's a major part of the reform plan. lawmakers also endorsed the creation of an institution to take over failing schools. also today, a bill that would allow skills to open before labor date without state approval advanced to the floor of the house. right now prince george's county neighbors are weighing in on plans to revitalize major corridors. one of the areas slated is the busy branch avenue. county planser considers -- class a office space, even a brand-new high school. the focus so communities near metro's green line. people are coming to catch the subwaist, going downtown. that's basically it.
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they're under developed. last user federal agencies said jason scott was one of the most dangerous people they had ever come across. today a judge ruled that scott is competent to stand trial for murder. he is charged in a killings back in 2009 of dolores and ebony dewitt, a mother and her daughter. although he has not been charged, investigators think scott was also involved in three other murders. he was arrested while trying to sell stolen guns out of his car. he's already serving 100 years in prison for dozens of burglaries and home invasions. scott's murder trial will begin next month. police are warning people who used the washington and old dominion trail in northern virginia to be on alert. a woman was attacked along part
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of that trail in reston. police say it happened last night about 7:00. the victim said she was dragged off the trail into a wooded area. the woman struggled with her attackers. she was not seriously injured. next on "news4 at 6," blackberry's maker shows out of the none gen race of smartphones. and doug, we have a new tornado watch? >> a tornado watch in effect until 2:00 a.m. we're going to be watching this scenario play over overnight. again severe thunderstorm warnings down to the south. if you are in the line of these storms, heads up, damaging winds upwards of 50 to 60 miles an hour to the north and west. flash flooding currently going on right now. we'll keep you updated.
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hello, everybody. doug kammerer talking about the tornado watch, of course the severe thunderstorms we have just down to the south and west. it is moving our way. the severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 7:00 for culpepper county, fauquier county, northwestern portions of spotsle vannia as well as green and madison counties. you see that watch right here. but if you're to the east of this line, let's show you who's under the tornado watch. it is under montgomery county.
6:41 pm
frederick county, you're not under the tornado watch, but you are seeing heavy rain and under a flash flood watch. the next six hours will be critical. after that, we turn our attention to more wintry weather. beal break it down in just a minute. now to breaking news involving a d.c. metro train. the green line is stopped between navy yard -- somebody on board has suffered a medical emergency, and there's a track problem near an accostia. there's no word on when service will be restored. the fiscal cliff and severe cuts in the military were threatened to have happened this month, but they did not. never there's worries that defense spending could take a serious hit that will affect not only defense contractors, but small businesses as well.
6:42 pm
derrick ward has the report. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff has been moved back to march. there's still time to avoid sequestration, the broad across the board cutting that just about everybody hopes to avoid, but the department of defense is likely to take a big hit. analysts say they could see $5 billion in cuts. here in garrisonville, they get a lot of business from quantico nearby. they're starting to see some nervousness, but they're just like workers everywhere, laboring under uncertainty. >> i believe people have been anticipating this. not spending money if they don't have to. >> the military is coming in, i had one just the other day. he gets $2300 b.a.q., but only wanted to spend 18. >> here at the nail salon, a lot of customers come from the base as well. the owner say people talk about what could lie ahead, but still coming in for now.
6:43 pm
you. >> i hope nothing bad happens. >> reporter: the worry goes beyond their own bottom line. >> you're always concerned about something that's going to change how people live their lives in the area. you assume that it has to affect here. >> but any cloud that may be settling in anticipate of another fit cal cliff is tempered. >> they're not spending money if they don't have to. on the other hand, i feel quite confident about the future, i feel like the economy is coming back slowly. >> derrick ward, news4. dan hellie is new orleans. what you got, partner? >> reporter: hey, vance, who knew that deer ant lir spray would be the big news. ray lewis still answering
6:44 pm
questions, and a woodbridge native, a star linebacker for the niners. and
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hello, everybody. i'm chief meteorologist doug kammerer, coming to you from
6:47 pm
storm center 4. as they're making their way through the area, once again just about all the area under a tornado watch. the line of storms right now making its way through, starting to intensify all across our region. this is the area under a warning. a warning means that something is happening right now. in this case, it is a severe thunderstorm warning for culpepper, down through the south, in through fauquier, spotsle vannia, for this area here. i want to show you one thing. anytime you see a line like this, and a protrusion just like this, that's called a bo echo. normally you see stronger winds with that. if you live around culpepper, you probably are already see those winds. stevens 'burgh in about eight minutes remmington in about 12 minutes, and silver hill in about the next 22 minutes. up toward the north, portions of montgomery county, a this morning right in here. i would not be surprised to see
6:48 pm
some strong winds here, back through louding county where we have seen some flooding of roadways. germantown at about 6:51, montgomery village about 6:56. now the entire area or most of the area until that tornado watch, all i mentioned, a watch means conditions are favorable, but there are no tornado warnings. right now a severe thunderstorm warning, but we have a watch across our region until 2:00 a.m. behind in line, we still have a lot of rain to go. even though the line will pass through, we're still dealing with that rain. stormy conditions around 8:00, temperatures around 63. and then where he start to break out of that, 5:00 578, temperatures at 52. this is where the cold air sets in, guys.
6:49 pm
time to get out the jackets. you will need them. highs will be falling all day long. >> really dynamic weather out there. thanks, pat. down in new orleans, that's where dan is right now. i'm surprised you're not in shirt sleeves, dude. >> don't give him an opening. >> i know. i know. i won't be sucked in by that, but not only news being made here in in accordance, but back home as the redskins lose danny smith to his hometown steelers. he's been wooed for the last few years. he's been maligned a bit the last couple years, but very popular among the players. and he will certain be missed.
6:50 pm
ray lewis still in the news for an article from "sports illustrated" alleged that he used in deer antler spray which contained some performance-enhancing drugs. the ravens as an organization wanted him to issue a strong verbal denial. he didn't do it. today he did. >> 9 guy has no credibility. he's been sued four or five times over this same b.s., just entertainment. i can't, i won't, and i just truly believe he doesn't have the privilege for me to speak about it ever again. >> he told me the same thing he told you guys. ray is honest. he's straightforward. he's told us in the past, now, that he's never taken any of that stuff ever. i trust ray completely. we have a relationship. >> i know this man. it's just too bad it has to be
6:51 pm
something that gets so much play. >> reporter: i promise you tomorrow we'll be focusing on the game. san francisco has one of the most underrated players in this game, ahmad brooks, a woodbridge native. a star linebacker now for the 49ers, coming out of the hilton high school, the national defensive player of the year, but then went to uva and got kicked out. he went to the bengals and got cut. he's finally landed in san francisco, having some success and now the second mer of his player. the first member of his family? his father. terry brooks played in two super bowls during his seven seasons in washington. after retiring, he would help ahmed study game tape from his peewee games. two years ago, ahmed's world was shattered when he found his 55-year-old father dead after suffering a heart attack.
6:52 pm
it was a life-eightering event for ahmed that still truly hits home. >> when your dad passed, that was almost like an awakening. what happened? >> dang, man, i don't know. i don't know, man. >> emotional time for you? >> yeah, yeah. >> you still think about him a lot? >> yeah. yeah. >> do you have a favor memory from when he played? a tape that you watched? >> no. i don't know. >> safe to say this game will be dedicated to him? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: thanks, man. >> you made me cry, man. >> reporter: sorry. that wasn't my intent. >> reporter: obviously overwhelmed there. he does have a shoulder sprain, but he said there's no way he'll
6:53 pm
miss this, and obviously dedicated to his father. doug is tracking the tornado watch, the very latest is up next.
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there's a situation on metro tonight. dan citiesle with metro is with us. dan, we understand it's the green line between navy yard and southern avenue. tell us what happened and what's the situation now? >> that's right. good evening, vance. we have what started as what's called an arcing insulator, part of the third rail that can start smoking when it gets wayward electricity in it. that started around 5:00 this evening. transit police and d.c. fire responded to that. we were single tracking around it. as part of that response to the fire department ordered power down in a section of tracks that had two trains on it. so we do have customers on two trains that we are attending to right now, the power to those trains was just restored. what customers need to know on the orange line is service is temporarily suspended between navy yard and southern avenue stations. we do have buses shuttling between that area action including all the intermediate affected station, but if you
6:57 pm
can't avoid the orange line, especially south, that is good advice for the moment. >> what happened to the patients on the train? >> there were a handful or some portion of one of those trains, where the customers took it upon themselves to self-evacuate, which exacerbated the delay. we had to escort them out of the tunnel, but also make sure there were no customers or passengers in the tunnel before power was restored. that pros was just completed. so the training will be moving into stations shortly. >> dan, appreciate it. back to doug with the latest? >> the tornado watch until 2:00 a.m. for everyone here in the yellow, but still severe thunderstorms warning in effect for fauquier as well as culpepper. we'll continue to watch out for this very, very closely. we do have flooding video out of
6:58 pm
louting county, be very careful tonight. stay with us. more to come up in our broadcast at 11:00. >> see you then.
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